Five Crucial Factors to Keep in Mind When Making Custom Wristbands

With custom wristbands, you have a say in how it will look in terms of colour, appearance, design and pattern. Wristbands can be worn as a show off of fashion, or by sports personnel to display their character, or most importantly, to market one’s business. Studies show that out of five people you will encounter on the way, at least one has a wrist band, thus, they are very common among people and this makes them a great marketing tool.

So what are the best practices for designing excellent wristbands for your quest? Well, here are some factors to help you get started with custom wristband making.

What to consider when making custom wristbands

Stick to your colour scheme

If you want to make excellent wristbands, you have to decide on which colour schemes to use and stick to them. Having many colours will make your wristband unpleasant to the eyes. The colour you should use will depend on what you are trying to achieve. For instance, if it is just for fashion, you need to match your wristband colours with those of your clothes. If it is for a marketing tactic, you have to make sure that the colour is exactly that of your brand.

Check on the font

Make sure that the font is appearing on the wristband as it is exactly on the screen. You should not use fonts that are too thin because they may make reading the words a challenge. The fonts should be bold enough to be visible from a distance, while maintaining the message of their purpose.

Use high contrast

For best results, you should use high contrasting colours that make it easily visible of what is being represented. For example, if you use blue and orange colours, the wristband will be more visible than when you use bright yellow text on a bright yellow background.

Maintain simplicity

Also, avoid including many details on the wristband and make it as simple as possible. Wristbands should only contain a few words, logo and colours at specific points to make it more visible at a distance. It also catches the attention of many people if it is visible from a distance.

Make use of websites’ templates

If you are not sure of how and where to place elements in your wristbands, you can check for templates on wristband-making companies’ websites and make use of them. Templates will allow you to play around with different kinds of designs and then you can select the one that will suit you.

The above factors, if well taken into account, will help you to produce excellent wristbands that will attract many people increasing your fame and value.

How to find the right wristband making company?

As you go through the internet looking for a suitable wristband manufacturing company, you will come across many companies which are involved in that particular operation. Hence, you should employ the following tips when selecting the right company.


You should research and learn more about a company’s reputation, before you consider approaching their staff with your business or evaluating their inventory. They may have well presented information that entices their new clients, but their reputation says the opposite.


You should find a company that offers reasonable price points for their products and services. You should also consider purchasing the bands in bulk because most companies usually have better offers for wholesale customers.


As technology is improved and used in new and innovative ways in business, services and products become easier to locate, price check, and purchase. Therefore, you should find a company that uses the latest tools and technology in making quality wristbands.

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