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The Thrill of Whale-Watching in Hervey Bay

There is a magical experience in whale watching. If you have not experienced the thrill of whale watching, then you are missing out! Whale watching has gained popularity in the last decade and most tourists in Australia long for these heart-throbbing experiences on the coastline. There is an exceptional experience for tourists in Hervey Bay due to the up-close and exceptional experience with whales, and that is what sets Hervey Bay apart from the rest of the coastline in Australia. Unlike other areas where whales pass through on their way from Antarctica, whales stopover at Hervey Bay for a while before they proceed with their migration spree.

Visit Hervey Bay from July to November and you will see whales playing and jumping everywhere. It is fascinating to see these whales do their thing and they feel so relaxed here than any other whale watching destination.

What is more fascinating are the humpback whales that curiously approach the vessels and that is the up-close opportunity tourists get to get personal with these humpback whales.

What is special about Hervey Bay Whale-watching

Eight whale-watching tours make Hervey Bay a unique experience. There is also one swim tour with the whales that happens from July to August. Tours vary accordingly and you can be very sure to get the right fit for you. You can choose different styles and vessels that vary in time. If you choose a half-day tour that lasts between three to four hours.

Hervey Bay big whales

Have you ever wondered which whale is the biggest? Find out this when you visit Hervey Bay. The blue whale, according to aquarists, is the largest mammal ever lived on the planet. Their enormous body measures up to 30 meters and weighs about 170 tons. There are other big whales in the sea such as Bowhead, Grey whales, Southern Right, and Fin. It is on the record that these whales can dive up to 3,000 meters and can stay for more than two hours.

Humpback whales

It derives its name from the way it bends before it dives. It is believed to be the most playful and acrobatic whale amongst the biggest whales on the planet. It enjoys the company of people and vessels and they are believed to sing love songs, a phenomenon that is unique and complex in mammals. All humpback whales sing the same song during a certain time and they are believed to change the song all at the same time during mating season.

Is it fascinating to hear a whale song?

These unique phenomena about whales are strikingly interesting and people around Hervey Bay are the luckiest lot because they often hear these love songs. Although we are not certain that these songs are love songs or just a way of communication between the mother and the calf. The hydrophone in the whale watching vessel catches the song and amplifies it so that everybody on board can listen to the love song. But when the whale is closer to the vessel, there is no need for hydrophone or amplification, the sound comes through the hull and everybody on board will listen to the love song. This makes it one of the top experiences during Hervey Bay whale watching tours.

Every vessel receives and amplifies the love song so people at Hervey Bay will all listen to the same love song. Everyone in the water will have the chance to be thrilled by the whale love song.




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Where to sleep in Crete

Holidays in Crete are an excellent experience for the summer. In fact, the island offers a variety of tourist facilities and a lively nightlife, while the beautiful beaches and entertainment make this island a popular destination for many travelers.

However, not all areas of Crete offer the same opportunities: the northern part is certainly more developed from a tourist point of view, thanks also to national and international maritime connections.

In the southern part of Crete there is a more traditional type of hospitality, which attracts travelers looking for relaxation and intimacy. Let’s see below, region by region, what are the best known tourist centers.

West of Crete, the Chania region is one of the most popular areas of the island. The most popular villages, in addition to the splendid capital that gives the region its name, are Georgioupolis, Kolimbari and Agia Marina. They are all seafront locations, populated with restaurants and bars.

Georgioupolis and Kolimbari are certainly suitable for families and couples seeking privacy: Kolimbari beach, for example, is the perfect place for a romantic dinner. Agia Marina instead is famous for its nightlife, there are many bars and discos offering evenings with international DJs.

he region of Crete which includes the capital Heraklion is one of the most developed tourist areas of the island. Among the many clubs we mention first of all Hersonissos, famous for its beaches, which become particularly crowded in high season. 20km west of the city of Heraklion there is also Agia Pelagia, a famous center loved by water sports enthusiasts. Those looking for nightlife entertainment, on the other hand, should not ignore Stalis and Malia, where the nights are marked by music and dancing in the various clubs and outdoors: certainly among the most popular places for young people.

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Where to sleep in Menorca

If you intend to reach the island of Menorca in the summer months, it is strongly recommended to book in advance as it is virtually impossible to find a free room on the coast. Not sure where to book accommodation in Menorca? On this page we offer you a list of the most touristy on the island, as well as a selection of the best facilities.

Mahon is the capital of Menorca, a charming town where the historic center coincides with the upper part, while the clubs and restaurants almost all overlook the seafront. Sleeping in Mahon is advantageous because in the evening you always have something different to do, because some of the most interesting excursions in Menorca depart from its port and also for its proximity to the airport: especially in case of late arrival or departure early in the morning, it’s really handy to know you’re no more than 10 minutes by taxi from the airport. Another interesting fact, some magnificent beaches such as Cala Mesquida, Cala Binibequer or Punta Prima are all located within easy reach of Mahon.

Ciutadella, the second most important city of Menorca, is located in the extreme west of the island, opposite to Mahon. Ciutadella is also very nice to walk around, the historic center is delightful and in the evening it is quite active: ideal for young couples or for those looking for night entertainment. Sleeping in the Ciutadella area allows you to take full advantage of some of the most beautiful beaches and coves on the island, including Cala’n Bosch, Son Xoriguer, Cala Algaiarens or Cala Blanca, all within easy reach of the town.

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